Rotary Rake - Swather Repossi RA-RAKE 14+14VS

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Repossi RA-Rake RA-Rake is a revolutionary double rotors rotary rake / swather. Manufactured by Italian brand REPOSSI, a family owned company specialized in Ag machinery since 1898.

"RA" in RA-Rake refers to Egyptian god of Sun as the similar shape of the rotors of the rake. Equipements CCMP is proud to be the only authorised Repossi retailer in Quebec!

WHAT is RA-Rake?

  • 7coaxial pairs of star wheels of different diameters
  • 14 rotors on every side
  • 9 meters working width (hydraulic opening)
  • 2.54 meters transport width
  • Self-leveling
  • Suspension on wheels
  • Working speed: 20km/h

HOW does RA-Rake work?

The larger rotor does not touch the forage; its only task is to move the second smaller star wheel, which in turn moves the forage without contaminating it with soil ans stones. RA-Rake thus offers a cleaner forage: minus 66% of ashes in quantity compared to traditional rotary rakes. The forage harvested by the RA-Rake is more nutritious (less use of supplements), hence a greater milk productivity (+ 1.8lb / milk per cow per day based on a study conducted at Milan University*) and lower management costs.

For more information contact Luc Brunelle 819-817-4725 Location: Drummondville



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