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Used equipment appraisal: sense and sensibility

After many years of good services some equipment need to be sold for different reasons: sale of the business, bigge or newer equipment purchase, space needing for new acquisitions... However for some people it can turn into a sentimental attachment.

As a matter of fact, the seller tend to generally overestimate its equipment value as it has spend many hours to work with it and on it. Unfortunately the time spent repairing and reconditionning a machinery will not be taken into the value calculation. The money spend to overhaul will often blur the real value insights. Here is a little help from our appraisal and consulting service to see through all of this more clearly.

Equipements CCMP use the following appraisal criteria:

- Brand, model, year

- Engine hours (or mileage)

- Mechanical condition

- Aesthetic condition

- Market value

Tracteurs John Deere New Holland Kubota Case


Although BRAND AND MODEL are more or less of a subjective criteria, yet we consider the fact that some brands are more renowned than others; certain models are sought-after while others suffer a bad press. And of course a home made equipment cannot have the same value as a popular strong brand.



The YEAR OF PURCHACHE OR MANUFACTURING as well as the HOURS COUNT are strongly objective elements when analyzing mechanical wear on which we rely to calculate the value: older equipment will lack certain technologies that are now in demand, also a higher hours count could be a deal breaker for some buyers based on the market.



We evaluate the MECHANICAL condition according to a rigorous multi-point inspection protocol. We also ask for any bills related to maintenance or purchase of parts. A reconditioned implement or an overhauled equipment will benefit a higher value on the market comparing to the same exact machinery with a lack of maintenance. However keep in mind that you will not get a full return on investment but surely a good return.



AESTHETICS is a subjective criteria but we still take a look at the paint, the rust and the overall cleanliness. Sometimes a good clean-up can slightly increase the value and/or favor a quicker sell than the market comparables.



When this general assessment is done, we test the MARKET by comparing it on SPECIALIZED SITES with SALES MONITORING SOFTWARES in North America.

It is from all of these criteria that we establish a floor price and a ceiling price in order to give us enough room for negotiation.

If you have an equipment to sell but you hesitate on the price you could ask, call us and it will be pleasure to help you. We could also sell it on your behalf so you will save your precious time for your daily activities and you will just have to easily wait for the money you'll make from the sale.


 Vieux tracteur à vendre

Equipements CCMP is there for you, with you. We take care of everything!

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